Who can register for the KulturPass?

Using the KulturPass - with or without registration

Everyone has the benefit of using the KulturPass app or KulturPass website. This works with and without registration. Without registration, you have the possibility to inform yourself and get an overview of the available offers in the app.

By registering, you also unlock the following functions: Marking favorites, customizing the personal profile and setting preferences, as well as the "Feeling lucky” and "Inspire me" functions. These functions enable personalized use of KulturPass.

All that is needed to register is an e-mail address and a password. Name, date of birth and postal code can be entered voluntarily.

Activating the KulturPass budget - by registration & identification in a few steps

To activate the KulturPass budget, it is necessary to register and then identify oneself with an ID document with eID function (electronic identification). To receive the budget the participant must meet certain requirements.

The requirements for unlocking the KulturPass budget from 1 March 2024 onwards are as follows:
  • you turn 18 in 2024 (your year of birth is 2006) and
  • you have your permanent residence in Germany
Unlocking the budget of the 2005 cohort was possible until 31 December 2023.

To register, you will also need one of the following three ID documents with an electronic identification.
For more information on how to register and identify yourself, see one of the following articles: