Picking up bookings

In this article, we explain how pick up the bookings you have made in the KulturPass app.

As soon as you have found and booked a suitable offer, you will find this booking in the "Bookings" area.

“Booked" and "Completed" areas
In the "booked" section you will find current bookings and in the "completed" section all bookings that you have made in the past and that have been completed.
Under the QR code you will always find a note on how to redeem your booking (see image).

Current bookings: Status
In the area "booked" you will find your current bookings. These bookings have a status that is either " Not Yet Accepted", "Booking is being processed", "Ready for Pickup", "Picked Up" or "Canceled".

What exactly does each status type mean?

  • Not yet accepted: Your booking has been received but has not yet been accepted by the provider.
  • Processing: Your booking is being processed. You will be notified by e-mail when your product is ready to be picked up.
  • Ready for pickup: This booking is ready for pickup. You can show this pickup code to the provider. If you wish to cancel the booking now, please contact the provider.
  • Picked up: Your order has been picked up.
  • Canceled: Your booking has been canceled. This can happen if you cancel or if the provider has not accepted the booking.

There are three different types of offers in the KulturPass. Depending on the offer type, you either pick up your offer on site or redeem it digitally. Digital redemption of offers is particularly common for tickets to events.

In the following articles, we explain how to redeem your bookings on site or digitally:

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@kulturpass.de.